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The services that our Health Centre offers are the following ones:

  1. We take care of the welfare of the citizens recommending them herbal remedies to be able to enjoy a good health.
  2. We offer free delivery service at home within the city of Tortosa and surroundings from a minimum order of 25 euros.
  3. We offer Specialized Service of Dietitian (our team is composed of one qualified dietitian that are available every the day of the week from Monday to Saturday morning).
  4. Online dietetics. General conditions of sale: We send the orders made through this website to Europe mainly (check delivery fees). You will have to choose the delivery option of the products placed in the shopping basket. Next the order will be processed and it will be sent to the address previously agreed with the customer. You can consult the policy of use of this website in this link.
  5. Free parking ticket.
  6. Payment with debit card, credit card and Paypal. If there is any product whose price is not displayed or which does not appear in this website, please query about it in the Contact us section. If you wish to pay directly with a transfer order, contacts us and we will facilitate the account number where you will be able to transfer the money.
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Maria Teresa Escurriola Felip con el NIF: 52.603.518B

Dietética Maite. C/ Teodoro González, 15 43500 Tortosa (Tarragona). Telf.: 977510837